Good Food and Wine Show 2014

IMG_6622 eIMG_6630 eIt was a last minute decision to join the bandwagon and go to the Annual Good Food and Wine Show at the Sydney Showground, and a good one. With plenty of fine food, fine wine, and one out-of-place stall offering free posture checks, my stomach experienced some pretty great grub. My cousin and I traipsed halfway across Sydney to attend the Show for a few hours on a lazy Saturday afternoon. We were very glad to be indoors while the icy winds howled outside (what’s up with that sudden cold front Sydney?).

Bustling with wine connoisseurs and foodies, we were a bit out of place; name-dropping Adriano Zumbo and Bill Granger was pretty much the extent of my list. With limited foodie jargon and knowledge, a simple nod, smile and the occasional mm… yeah, I agree… mmhm… served us pretty well. We sipped on some pretty fancy wine and slurped too many coffees, and nibbled on some very delicious food. Shout out to the delicious BBQ chorizo sausages; once we could smell it, my cousin and I made a beeline straight there. Barbequed with a sweet marinade, the slightly saltier-than-expected sausage was so good. $5 so very well spent.

In the last hour of the Show, we watched Bill Granger cook some mouth-watering food on the big screen in the theatre while he shared his passion, talent and cooking ethos with us. I first came across Bill Granger through his foolproof recipe for cakey, spongy brownies, and the recipe has since become my go-to because the end product is just so damn good. I was fortunate enough to have him sign my copy of Bill’s Basics; the message is jokingly aimed at my boyfriend’s lack of culinary activity in the kitchen. I may have also let slip that he bought me a Nigella Lawson book with half the intention of being on the receiving end of those recipes. Thanks Bill Granger for topping off a great afternoon!

IMG_6631 e

On Warhol and Leopard Print

IMG_6616 eAndy Warhol’s collection of Campbell’s Soup cans is undeniably an icon of the pop art era. There can be no wrong done transforming an iconic art piece into a fashion print that simply speaks for itself – a conversation starter if you will. Those who know me will know that I have enough canvas tote bags, all of which lack any form of zipper or closure. I find that as long as they are packed smartly (read: place wallet and phone at towards the end of the bag that is in front of you when tote is worn, and use a scarf or other garment to cover general belongings) and the bag is deep enough to ward off prying fingers, they are good to go.

I picked a gorgeous SPRZ NY (Uniqlo x MOMA) tote bag while deeper down under in Melbourne last week for a whopping $19.95. Being a bit of an art lover, I could not help myself. As far as art prints go, a Lichtenstein print would win my heart.

Fashionistas will know that there is no fashion print more iconic, bold and fearlessly daring than leopard print. Not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for my self-conscious self, this print exists in my wardrobe in the form of a never worn maxi dress. It takes a certain courage to strut leopard print with confidence and with style. Until the stars align and the occasion arises, I will gladly settle for other forms of animals and animal print. I snatched up a snazzy jaguar (or is it a leopard?) necklace from H&M for under $10 recently and have since wore it shamelessly everywhere with everything. On a somewhat related strand of thought, I’ve become quite consumed by felines recently which is surely a sign of becoming a cat lady – though really, who can blame me for watching this video of cats knocking things over on repeat…?

IMG_6619 e IMG_6620 e


For the several weeks of blogging absence, I apologise. I have no excuse.

Spurred on by philosophical passages by Murakami’s masterful prose (he can do no wrong), and way too many hours spent in cafes across Sydney wondering what to write about and inadvertently eavesdropping on more conversations than I’d like to admit, I seem to be walking around in more of a daze than usual. Now here’s an obligatory food pic from Le Miel et la lune in Melbourne (more on that later) – under that creamy sauce is a mean pile of potato.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe pressing question first: How do you know what to do?

There’s a little axiom that comes up time and time again in my mind: just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Growing up in a traditional migrant Chinese family meant I was constantly reminded of these two ‘guaranteed success’* career paths: lawyer and doctor. Unfortunately for my parents, I chose neither, instead following my interests in art and design to ultimately study architecture. Six months after the completion of those studies, however, I still wonder whether it was the right decision, after all, those three years seemed more like a lesson in mastering sleep-deprivation while delivering projects with more conceptual references than visible architecture.

In light of this philosophical headache, I spent a day in Melbourne  picking up some thermals at Uniqlo and soaking up some Piranesi print at the State Library of Victoria. Though brief, it’s last minute trips like these that keep my spirits up and head screwed on: I’m a firm believer that travelling outside one’s own city keeps one’s life perspective in check.

In other news, World Cup fever is here! It had me up till 4am this morning watching Van Persie, Robben and the whole Netherlands team do what they do best, and punish the less classy and less experienced Australian team. Sorry Socceroos- you played well, but they played better.


* no guarantees.